Aquaponic systems grow towers with plastic bottles EASY!!

By | November 23, 2013

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Aquaponic systems are a very efficient way of using the solar energy, the decomposition of feeding matter from fish farming, the natural process in which the…

aquaponic systems


5 thoughts on “Aquaponic systems grow towers with plastic bottles EASY!!

  1. thecpukiller

    This is a cool idea but usually there is something to keep the water from
    falling directly on to the plant. Maybe the big holes in the side could be
    cut only on 3 sides then folded in to direct the water to the back? It
    would probably take some experimentation.

  2. Hugo Correa

    Thank you, as I learned with the vertical towers that I use in my systems,
    other than the plastic bottles, the plants like to have the leaves out of
    the container, the falling water normally falls over the roots. The plants
    mist be transplanted from other containers to the towers. Thank you for
    your contribution.

  3. D3ntNL

    When making a hole in the bottle, fill it with water and put it in the
    freezer. It’ will be a LOT easier to make a hole with a hole saw. The
    frozen water prevents the bottle from collapsing, when making a hole on
    both sides. Also, the hole in the cap needs to be just big enough to make
    it drip. gravity will do the rest for you. If you paint the bottom black,
    it prevents algae growth. NOTE: the bottom is now the neck of the bottle!
    Keep up the vids! Enjoying them :)

  4. 4th Grade Class

    This is what I’d like to try! Bring plastic bottles!

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